International Shoe Size Chart

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Questions and answers about shoe sizes of different countries

Name: naushad
Question: hi, my foot measures 292 mm or 29.2cm please can u help me which US size should i go for
Answer: Hi, you can try to go for US size 12.5 but also you should check in with your seller because different manufacturers have differences in shoe sizes. Good luck!
Name: Fauzia
Question: Hi. I saw shoe size with \”D(M)\” attribute at What does it mean? Thanks.
Answer: D and/or M by the shoe size is the width measurement of the shoes and indicates a medium or standard width. Please check with our width chart.
Name: frency caraan
Question: My baby’s feet is a half feet in size…or 0.5 ft. do you think, what is his size in european size? thanks!
Answer:Hi, the length of your baby’s feet is 6 inches which equal 15.24 centimeters. That should be 25 in European size.
Name: t.mookiah
Question:: this is very very useful to me and footwear industry peoples .thanks
Answer:Hi, you are so welcome! Glad I can help!
Name: marefin
Question: i want to know UK, Eur ,USA, & Asian shoe sizing systems’ starting point. I mean in which inch it started.
Answer: Please check with our International Conversion Chart.
Name: fatima
Question:: HI,I live in Pakistan & wear 7 number shoes/sandle. Would u plz let me know what will be my american shoe size. Many Thanks.
Answer:Hi, there is the same shoe sizes in Pakistan, as in United Kingdom. Please check our Shoe sizes Chart
Name: t.mookiah
Question: hi pls convert men’s uk foot size 9 into a chinese size for me. thank you.
Answer: Chinese shoe sizes are based on Europe sizes. But don’t forget to check with your seller or manufacturer.
Name: Achi
Question: Can you tell me India 37 shoe size is equal to which size in US.

Answer: Generally India uses British shoe sizes. Apparently 37 is not Indian chart’ shoe size.
Name: raumati
Question: im wanting to convert the following sizes to New Zealand: US 11C and US 3Y. Could you please answer me when you can? Thanks
Answer: Hi! Men’s US size 11C is New Zealand’s 10. C means that the width is Narrow. And US 3Y is youth (junior) size equals 2.5 in New Zealand’ chart.
Name: Rich
Question: I challenge you to find a chart that shows womens shoe width sizes converted to inches or centimeters. Thanks
Answer: Hi Rich! We already have it: width chart
Name: Yolanda
Question: My mother-in-law’s shoe size in Mexico is 23. What size would that be in the U.S.?
Answer: Mexico generally does not use such sizes. For example womens size 11 in Mexican shoe size chart is size 8th.
Name: Anu
Question: My husbands shoe is 12 inches in length, what UK size would that be?
Answer: It is should be size 14 in United States’ shoe size conversion chart.
Name: Louise
Question: I am totally confused. In Australia I wear a size 7 to 8. Shoes from Asia are size 38 or 39. I need to know what size I would take in a US size boot. My bare foot measures 24 cm. I am female.
Answer: If lenght of your foot is 24 cm then 7 to 8 would be your US sizes. Don’t forget recommendations when buying boots: for Fur boots, get one size larger than what you measured.
Name: Kirsty
Question: hello. im trying to find out what size i am in indonesia. can you help?
Answer: Indonesia generally uses the European Shoe Size system
Name: none
Question: What size USA is equivalent to 22 Mexico?
Answer: Mexico generally does not use such sizes. For example men’s size 15 in Mexican shoe size chart is very large 17th size in United States.
Name: Cecilia
Question: hello! i’m italian and i’m reading a book in which a man has such big feet that his friend is wondering whether a “quintuple E” exists or not. But i can’t understand what it refers to! can you please help me, and tell me what an “e size” is in the european size? thank you!
Answer: Hello Cecilia! Thank you for such an interesting question!
I think that this refers to a width of shoes. “E” means Wide in men’s width chart . So this man had such a big and wide feet that his friend was wondering, is there are five times wider than the regular Wide sized shoes exist. Let’s think that he had 15E shoe size. That is 5 inches of width for a normal person. But 25 inches (63.5 centimeters) for that guy from the book you are reading.
Name: Rommel
Question: Hi, I have bought US army (Belleville) shoes Size 8.5R. What is this equal to Shoes size in Uk?
Answer: According to Belleville shoe size chart, “R” means Regular widht. Wich is equal “D” in standart US shoe size width chart. United States’ men’s size 8.5 should be 7.5 in UK.