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Lady Gaga Crazy Looking Shoes

Lady Gaga amazed us again with crazy fashion outfits and shoes that she wore at 2010 VMA (MTV Video Music Awards). She changed her wardrobe three times during this year’s ceremony.
At first, she was wearing dress from the Alexander McQueen spring 2010 collection with famous super-high hills, lobster-claw shaped McQueen’s “Armadillo” shoes, which she also wore in her Bad Romance music video.

Lady Gaga VMA Dresses

Lady Gaga Bad Romance Shoes

Then, when Lady Gaga accepted her award for Best Pop Music Video, she changed into a black dress by Giorgio Armani.

And finally, to accept her award for Video Of The Year, Gaga shocked us with a meat dress by Franc Fernandez with matching meat shoes. And designer claims that the outfit that includes hat, dress, purse and shoes was made from 50 pounds of the real beef!
Lady Gaga Meat Shoes

3 comments on Lady Gaga Crazy Looking Shoes

  1. Stevie says:

    I’m irpmessed. You’ve really raised the bar with that.

  2. todays date says:

    Jeffrey Campbell’s knockoff version of Alexander Mcqueen’s ‘Armadillo’ shoes are atrocious. My poor eyes.

    • Bagol says:

      I do not own patent lteaher shoes so when I want to look snazzy I have the shoe shine at my barber give my the Platinum shine and I could shave myself in the reflection. Its inexpensive and looks better than patent. For the regular guy who is not going black tie but once or twice a year they seem unnecessary.

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