International Shoe Size Chart

How to Read Labels on Shoes

Here is what you should know about shoes besides shoe size conversion.

Labels include the most important information about shoes.

Wearing time
Outdoor: the most heavy-duty shoes for everyday use.
Elegant: usually made from special delicate materials therefore require careful usage.
Summer: wear it only when the weather is dry.
Winter: made with durable waterproof materials.
Sport: wear it only for sports.
Leisure: suitable for jogging, walking, hiking, leisure sport activities.
Lounger: wear it only indoors.

Upper materials
Leather: patent leather, suede, nubuck. Usually cow, sheep, calf, pig or goat.
Synthetic leather: leather-like material.
Textile: such as cotton.
Leather – synthetic: combination of both.
Leather – textile: combination.

1st class: minor defects that do not affect durability.
2nd class: material faults are also allowable if they do not affect durability.


  • Wear shoes according to weather. They will last much longer.
  • Clean shoes after wearing.
  • When shoes get wet, – dry them in the room temperature.
  • Don’t wear synthetic leather shoes all day long.
  • If the zipper doesn’t work well try putting some wax on it.
  • Do not wash shoes in washing machine.

How to clean shoes properly

  • To clean nubuck or suede shoes use coarse brush.
  • To clean patent leather use wet cloth.
  • For leather upper use soft brush or cloth with some shoe polish cream.
  • Synthetic leather can be cleaned with water.
  • Clean textile upper with brush or wet cloth.

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